Original Research Management
Effect of Sustainable Supplier Selection on Procurement Performance of Chartered Public Universities in Kenya

Andolo Dan Ojijo

Volume 10, Issue 7 , July 2023, Pages 447-467


  Public universities have recognized the power they hold as influential entities within communities, and with this power comes the responsibility to select suppliers who share on their vision. By prioritizing sustainability in their procurement strategies, universities can lessen their environmental impact ...  Read More

Original Research Accounting
The Effect of Internal Audit and Audit Committee Formation History on the Company’s Performance: Moderating Role of Firm Age

Javad Forouzandeh; Arezoo Aghaei Chadegani

Volume 10, Issue 7 , July 2023, Pages 468-479


  Conflict of interests between shareholders and managers and other problems have led to the creation of corporate governance mechanisms. But, firms’ performances and the effect of corporate governance mechanisms on firm performance are still of interest to researchers. The objective of this study ...  Read More

Original Research Management
Internal Marketing and Sales Force Performance of Beverage Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

Nfawa Erasmus Usani; Emem Akaniyene Sampson

Volume 10, Issue 7 , July 2023, Pages 480-494


  This study was designed to investigate the influence of internal marketing on the sales force performance of beverage manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The underpinnings of internal marketing were internal communication and internal training. The population of the study included the salespersons that were ...  Read More

Original Research Accounting
The Relationship Between Budgetary Evaluation, Organizational Decentralization and Firm’s Performance

Azzouz Elhamma

Volume 10, Issue 7 , July 2023, Pages 495-512


  Certainly, the use of the achievement of budgetary objectives as a criterion for evaluating individual performance of managers (budgetary evaluation) is considered a controversial subject. It has been the subject of some research studies to understand its diversity and its impact on firm's performance. ...  Read More