Original Research Management
The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown in Banks and Financial Institutions’ Stock Performance: Evidence from Nepal

Rajiv Giri

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2021, Pages 483-498


  This paper examines the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on daily stock returns of banks and financial institutions (BFI) in Nepal. Employing the panel data regression models, this study examines the effect of daily COVID-19 positive cases to the stock returns – during pre-lockdown, lockdown, and after-lockdown ...  Read More

Original Research Economics
Financial Development and FDI Nexus- Evidence from One Belt One Road Economies

Mollah Aminul Islam

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2021, Pages 499-516


  Financial development has recently been captured the attention of researchers as in important element of economic prosperity. As foreign direct investment can have an important role in the economic achievements, this study investigates the role of financial development in attracting FDIs. Unlike earlier ...  Read More

Original Research Accounting
The Influence of Corporate Governance on the Relationship between Related Party Transactions and Audit Fees

Hamidreza Hajeb; Mohammad Banafi; Javad Nejatpour

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2021, Pages 517-528


  The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of corporate governance mechanisms on the relationship between related party transactions and audit fees. In this study, board size and duality role of CEO were selected as corporate governance mechanisms and their effect on the relationship between ...  Read More

Original Research Management
E-Government 2.0: Model of Users, Services, and Communication Styles: Focusing on Developing Countries

Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; Roya Hejazinia

Volume 8, Issue 7 , July 2021, Pages 529-541


  The public sector should be equipped with new communication technologies such as social media to improve the quality of services. Social media as a new channel of government services leads to the emergence of E-government 2.0 and the realization of E-democracy. Meanwhile, identifying the beneficiaries ...  Read More