Document Type : Original Research


1 Ph.D. Candidate of Public Law, Department of Public & International Law, College of Law and Political Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Public Law, College of Law and Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


In this article, we contextualize and discuss the issue of corruption and identified kinds of procurement corruption in Iran Economic. In this context, there is an evident relation between procurement market failures and corruption.We argue that corruption is one of the causes of the persistence of procurement market failures. Corruption is an emotionally charged concept that inspires in most people immediate condemnation. These reactions can be channeled into supporting anti-corruption strategies to deal with the problem, such as reform administrative law or promotion of essentials rule of law and good governing, but the specific strategies will depend on the definition and conceptualization of the phenomenon at hand. The new law of holding tenders in Iran approved in 2005 to prevent the emergence of procurement occupation different types, predicted some mechanisms, but due to faulty implementation of mentioned law or defect in implementing the law, after passing several years from the approval of holding the tenders, still different types of procurement corruptions in the process of Iran tenders have considerable growth. In present research after offering the concept of procurement corruption, lawful analysis of issue was focused.


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