Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 12 - Serial Number 17, December 2015, Pages 1403-1516 

Original Research

2. The Effect of Financial Development on Income Inequality in the Iran’s Economy Using Non-linear Cointegration Technique

Pages 1420-1434

Mansour Zarranejhad; Abdolkarim Hosseinpoor; Ebrahim Anvari

7. Legal Analysis of Procurement Corruption in Iran Economy

Pages 1484-1496

Tahmineh Rahmani; Nader Mirzadeh Koohshahi

Review Article

8. The General Review of the Leader’s Self Enhancement on the Organization

Pages 1497-1507

Teoh Kae Nging; Rashad Yazdanifard

Original Research

9. Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) on Factors Affecting Agility of Iranian Auditing Organizations

Pages 1508-1516

Marzieh Fallah; Gholamreza Jamali; Seyyed Esmaeil Mousavi