International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 4, April 2017 Pages: 348 - 366
A Comparison between Financing Methods of Top Universities in Iran and the Globe
Mahla Sarmadi , Mohammad Esmaeil Ezazi , Habibullah Salarzehi
Corresponding author:
The fundamental determinant of developed societies in the present evolving world is how knowledge, education, research, as well as efficient workforce status are acquired. In this regard, the dominant and advantageous contribution of all natural, economic, and strategic resources and factors is substituted by the extent of benefiting from sciences. Higher education is the highest and last step of educational system in any country, always closely linked to communities’ development. Higher education financing, which must go along with developing higher education industry and economic development, is what that significantly influences developing higher education system. The important issue for financing higher education is to apply proper methods of financing universities. Hence, the present research collected the information of identifying financing methods of top universities in Iran and around the world using library research method. And finally, the methods are analyzed and compared using descriptive statistics.
University financing, university budget, university funding, costs and expenses.‎
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