International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 11, November 2019 Pages: 795 - 830
Environmental Accounting Disclosure Practices in Bangladesh and Its Impact on Investor Decisions
Pizus Biswas , Tasnia Rahman , Nikher Ahmed Sarker , Adhora Sudha , Tushar Chandro Dey
Corresponding author:
The focus of this study is to identify the environmental disclosures made by Bangladeshi companies and analyze the overall disclosure practice of the countries’ industries. And also collect the investor’s feedback on whether or not environmental disclosure information is making a difference in their decision making process and their opinion about the company. For conducting the research, the study has used 5 sectors- Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Textile and Fuel and Power along with 10 companies with each stratum. This study has used the standard environmental disclosure index developed by prior researchers to show the volume of the selected companies’ environmental disclosures in the annual reports. To show the impact of the environmental disclosures on the investors’ decision, the study has conducted a survey among the investors. The study shows evidence that reinforces the fact that Bangladeshi companies are disclosing less environmental information than an ideal company should. Also there are lack of regulation and interest in disclosing proper information. Although by conducting a survey it was seen that majority of investors and probable investors are interested in these information and are supportive of eco-friendly companies.
Environmental Accounting, Investor’s Decision, Bangladeshi Industries, Content Analysis, Annual Reports
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