The Influence of Spiritual Leadership and The Complexity of Assignments on Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance at Paramadina University

Document Type : Original Research


Paramadina University


Spiritual leadership will direct and influence the behavior of all elements related to values, norms, ethics and organizational culture that are created and the achievement of success. Spiritual leadership can increase job satisfaction and employee performance. The complexity of the assignment is also a factor to measure job satisfaction and employee performance. The purpose of this study was to measure the direct and indirect influence of spiritual leadership, the complexity of the assignment on the satisfaction and performance of employees working at Paramadina University. This study uses the Partial Least Square (PLS) method. The number of respondents as many as 61 people. The sampling technique used a purposive sampling approach adapted to the needs of the study. Based on the analysis test of the Smart PLS program used, there is a direct influence of spiritual leadership on employee performance and assignment complexity on job satisfaction, both of which have a positive but not significant effect, while job satisfaction on employee performance has a negative and insignificant effect. This study only limits the variables of spiritual leadership and the complexity of the assignment which are linked through job satisfaction to employee performance. The data is limited only for lecturers and employees who work at Paramadina University the object of research. This research develops knowledge in the field of human resource management. Both variables indicate that leadership and assignment complexity can affect employee performance at Paramadina University. Job satisfaction as a control variable is able to show variables that affect employee performance.