Document Type : Original Research


1 Bachelor Student, College of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, King Faisal University, Alahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2 Assistant Professor, College of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, King Faisal University, Alahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Entrepreneurship is one of the growing areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the country is becoming the leader in the Middle East for reforming Entrepreneurship and the ease of doing business. Nowadays, there are several creative ideas by individuals and many of these ideas do not become a reality due to difficulties in getting outside capital. However, recently, investors are following crowdfunding approach in order to fund start-ups and small creative products. In this paper, an entrepreneur matchmaking tool is presented that is expected to solve some of the problems that exist for both creators of innovative technical ideas and investors to help bringing creative ideas to life. The main purpose of developing this tool is to provide a common platform that will be acting as a middleware between creative people and investing parties in the Middle East. The system includes features like facilitating negotiation between parties, protecting of funding and ideas, creating and managing contracts between the parties, and controlling and tracking communication between the involved parties, among others. The Web-based tool gives the chance for interesting idea creators in the Middle East region to achieve their dreams with the support from investors who seek creative products in order to lead the market and be at the top of their competitors. In addition, the Web-based tool has high potential in providing entrepreneurship opportunities for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who can work from home in a Saudi Arabia work environment which has limited opportunities for women.


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