Original Research Economics
Investigating the Role of Households’ Health Care Expenditures on the Iranian Households’ Welfare Using DSGE Framework

Hamid Izadi

Volume 9, Issue 8 , August 2022, Pages 505-516


  Nowadays, the study of the share of households' health expenditures in their total consumption expenditures and its impact on the well-being of households and society has become an important issue as it is applied in policy and planning by government officials. This paper aims to examine the impact of ...  Read More

Case Study Accounting
Control of Service Quality Indicators on Wooden Floor Retail “Flooring Parquete”

Vincentia Audri Senduk; Dyna Rachmawati

Volume 9, Issue 8 , August 2022, Pages 517-530


  CV. Ladang Berkat Abadi is a company in Surabaya that has a brand called Flooring Parquete. Flooring Parquete is engaged in wood floor retail. As one of the businesses engaged in services, of course, it requires special attention to the quality of service provided to its customers. This study aims to ...  Read More

Conceptual Paper Management
COVID-19 and Online Teaching and Learning at HEIs: Proposing Additional Research from Institutional Work Perspective

Mohammed Riaz Azam; Shireen Nisha; Jafreen Khan

Volume 9, Issue 8 , August 2022, Pages 531-541


  The purpose of this study is to highlight and call for more research into whether higher education institutions (HEIs) senior management teams are positioned as empowered leaders of change to coercively as well as persuasively implement an alternative online teaching and learning platform, disrupting ...  Read More

Viewpoint Economics
Corporate Social Responsibility and Reaction Functions of Labor-Managed Firms with Lifetime Employment as Strategic Commitment

Kazuhiro Ohnishi

Volume 9, Issue 8 , August 2022, Pages 542-549


  This paper examines an oligopoly game model with a concave demand function where labor-managed firms compete in quantities with each other. There is no possibility of entry or exit. The timing of the game is as follows. In the first stage, each labor-managed firm simultaneously and independently chooses ...  Read More