Original Research Management
Foreign Entrepreneur Success in China: The Role of Entrepreneurial Cognition in Opportunity Recognition

Beverlley Madzikanda; Cai Li; Francis Tang Dabuo

Volume 9, Issue 6 , June 2022, Pages 322-353


  There is a huge opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to enter the Chinese market. They have noted that the market is difficult to enter and complex to navigate. This study contributes towards filling this gap by identifying the critical success factors for foreigners in China, basing on entrepreneurial ...  Read More

Original Research Management
Analysis of the Effect of Competitive Intelligence on Strategic Decision Making in Small and Medium-Sized Food Enterprises

Parmis Katebi; Saeid Ehdaie; Hosein Jalilian

Volume 9, Issue 6 , June 2022, Pages 354-376


  The main goal of this study was to analyze the relationship between competitive intelligence (CI) and strategic decision-making and its six aspects such as quality, agility, flexibility, integration, effectiveness and efficiency in small and medium-sized food enterprises in Iran. This was an empirical ...  Read More

Case Study Management
Prioritization of Green Supplier Selection Attributes Using Fuzzy Extent Analysis: A Case Study of Iranian Cosmetics Industry

Azadeh Dabbaghi

Volume 9, Issue 6 , June 2022, Pages 377-395


  The environmental considerations have gained increasing attention both from industry practices and academic research over the past three decades. Selection and cooperation with appropriate suppliers have become strategically important in the cosmetics' industry, too. There are various publications concerning ...  Read More

Conceptual Paper Economics
A Survey on Behavioral Models of Intra-Household Consumption

Elnaz Hajebi; Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Shadmehri; Kambiz Peykarjou; Salman Sotoudehnia

Volume 9, Issue 6 , June 2022, Pages 396-412


  In the theory of microeconomics, in discussions related to consumer behavior, it is usually assumed that the household acts as a decision-making unit like an individual, and for a household, a budget constraint and a utility function are considered. As a result, only the general behavior of the household ...  Read More