Original Research Management
Personality or Quality: Influencing Factors in Customers' Intention to Revisit Beauty Salons in Iran

Mohammad Karami; Shokoufeh Karami; Naser Elahinia

Volume 8, Issue 5 , May 2021, Pages 296-319


  In the last two decades, research on investigating factors influencing the consumer repurchase intention has advanced and become an important topic in the marketing society and literature. The objective of this paper is to compare the weight of service providers’ personality traits and service ...  Read More

Original Research Economics
Trade Intensity and Revealed Comparative Advantage: An Empirical Analysis of Trade between China and Bangladesh

Md Ekram Hossain; Huang Dechun; Changzheng Zhang; Mohammad Ali

Volume 8, Issue 5 , May 2021, Pages 320-342


  This paper examines the intensity of trade between Bangladesh and China along with analyzing sector level comparative advantage of 16 export sectors of Bangladesh and China in bilateral trade. The Trade Intensity and Balassa Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) indices of the 20 export sectors of Bangladesh ...  Read More

Original Research Accounting
Study on the Relationship between Innovation Capability and Profit Growth: Based on the Impact of Environmental Policy

Zhixia Cui

Volume 8, Issue 5 , May 2021, Pages 343-361


  In order to provide suggestions forthe reform and transformation of coal mining firms, we construct regression models to analyze the impact of innovation capability. Using a sample of coal mining firms listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges in China from 2013 to 2018, and explaining the ...  Read More

Research Note Economics
Managerial Incentives in Price-Setting Mixed Duopoly Model with Complementary Goods

Kazuhiro Ohnishi

Volume 8, Issue 5 , May 2021, Pages 362-367


  This paper examines a price-setting mixed duopoly model in which a state-owned public firm and a private firm produce complementary goods. There is no possibility of entry or exit. Each firm has one owner and can hire one manager to make its production decisions. The paper first analyzes the following ...  Read More