Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 7 - Serial Number 12, July 2015, Pages 620-800 
Investigating Externalities of Knowledge Spillover among Selected European Countries

Pages 631-645

Fatemeh Taleghani; Sayyed Abdolmajid Jalaee; Fatemeh Irani Kermani

Determinants of Off-farm Activity Participation among Cotton Farmers in Punjab, Pakistan

Pages 707-718

Muhammad Amjed Iqbal; Qing Ping; Umar Ijaz Ahmed; Adnan Nazir

Identification of Service Innovation Dimensions in Service Organizations

Pages 737-748

Mohammad Reza Meigounpoory; Mehran Rezvani; Manouchehr Afshar

Cloudy Spine Meta-System Proposed Model in Small Businesses Process Management

Pages 766-779

Safoora Agha Davoud Jolfaie; Ali Rajab Zadeh; Maryam Rashki; Zahra Hemmat

Conceptual Paper

A Framework for Accessing Funds through Charitable Assignment of Property

Pages 789-800

Sahebali Akbari; Mahmood Mirzaei Hesari; Vahid Sadeghi Rad; Hamid Sadeghi Rad