Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 6 - Serial Number 11, June 2015, Pages 499-619 

Original Research

1. The Influence of the Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility on Trust toward the Brand

Pages 499-516

Héla Ben Ammar; Feten Ben Naoui; Imed Zaiem

Case Study

2. Investigating Capital Mobility and Saving- Investment Relationship: Case Study of MENA Countries

Pages 517-526

Mansoor Mahini Zadeh; Elahe Mahmoodi; Majid Mahmoodi

Case Study

5. The Effect of Implementing Core Banking Services on Profitability: Case Study of All Branches of a Private Bank in Mashhad

Pages 547-557

Mansour Dehghan; Mahdi Ghafoorifard; Babak Shamsi; Seyed Hamid Seyed Heydari

10. Electronic Customer Relationship Management: Opportunities and Challenges of Digital World

Pages 609-619

Hamid Sadeghi Rad; Mojtaba Ghorabi; Mahdi Rafiee; Vahid Sadeghi Rad