Original Research
Analyzing Inflation Dynamics in Ghana: Evidence as of Quantile Autoregressive Model

Patrick Kweku Gbolonyo; Gideon B Boyetey; Xiaorong Yang

Volume 7, Issue 10 , October 2020, Pages 558-579


  Inflation persistence (or inertia) has been a problem in many developing countries and due to the relationship between inflation and economic growth, much research has been conducted on the literature to study closely these macroeconomic variables in developing countries (Brick, 2010; Gokal and Hanif, ...  Read More

Original Research
A Comparative Evaluation of Profitability of Conventional Banks versus Islamic Banks in Bangladesh

Jabir Bin Abdullah; Rokibul Hasan Sakib; Dewan Azmal Hossain; Ishtiak Ahmed Sakib

Volume 7, Issue 10 , October 2020, Pages 580-597


  Generally two types of banking system exist in Bangladesh: conventional banking system and Islamic banking system. The conventional banking system consists of interest based banking system. On the other hand Islamic banking system is free of interest. As a result their profitability also differs. The ...  Read More

Original Research
Factors Impacting on Pricing Decisions in Industrial Markets

Azizollah Moradi

Volume 7, Issue 10 , October 2020, Pages 598-610


  The main objective of this study was to consider the impacting factors on pricing decisions in industrial markets. Research method was of experimental type and data was gathered using semi-structured interview. Population consists of all accountants in Industrial companies in Tehran Province, who 65 ...  Read More

Original Research
The Effect of Audit Quality on the Market Value of Cash Holdings: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange and IACPA

Moslem Tahmasbi; Hesam Rahmani; Mohammad Zamani Bakhtiarvand

Volume 7, Issue 10 , October 2020, Pages 611-621


  In this study, the effect of audit quality on the market value of cash holdings was investigated. The company’s auditor expertise and tenure were considered as measures of audit quality. The regression model developed by Faulkender and Wang (2006) was applied to estimate the market value of cash ...  Read More