Review Article
Managing the New Gamified World: How Gamification Changes Businesses

Mohammad Milad Ahmadi

Volume 7, Issue 7 , July 2020, Pages 370-390

  How can employees be driven to engage in desirable behaviors such as greater participation in achieving goals, collaboration, and knowledge sharing? How can new customers be encouraged to buy the company's products and services? How are brand loyalty, health-oriented behaviors, adherence to rules, and ...  Read More

Original Research
Endogenous Timing in Mixed Duopoly with Wage-Rise Contracts as Strategic Device

Kazuhiro Ohnishi

Volume 7, Issue 7 , July 2020, Pages 391-399

  This paper considers a mixed duopoly market in which a private firm competes against a public firm. Each firm first has to choose the timing for offering a wage-rise contract as a strategic device. The timing of the game is as follows. In stage one, each firm chooses either stage two or stage three simultaneously ...  Read More

Original Research
Determining Factors for Malaysian Money Demand Function

Muhammad Ahmad Mazher; Jauhari Dahalan

Volume 7, Issue 7 , July 2020, Pages 400-415

  Our study based on determining factors that affect the function of demand for money in the Malaysian economy over 1970-2018 based on time-series data collected from WDI (World Bank). We tacitly include real CPI, real interest rate, financial innovation, real GDP, and implied the ARDL Bound tests. Derived ...  Read More

Original Research
Exploring the Mediating Role of Work Engagement, Career Management and Career Satisfaction among Small and Medium Enterprises in Ghana

Benard Korankye

Volume 7, Issue 7 , July 2020, Pages 416-434

  Employers always seek to engage employees who are fit for the work, able to adapt to the changing trends in the business environment and contribute much to the organizations to the best of their abilities. It is however not automatic for an organization to achieve such objective. They must constitute ...  Read More