Prioritization of Green Supplier Selection Attributes Using Fuzzy Extent Analysis: A Case Study of Iranian Cosmetics Industry

Document Type : Case Study


Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Petroleum Ministry


The environmental considerations have gained increasing attention both from industry practices and academic research over the past three decades. Selection and cooperation with appropriate suppliers have become strategically important in the cosmetics' industry, too. There are various publications concerning green supplier selection and evaluation in general. However, a review on the supplier selection literature focusing on cosmetics industry shows a poor attention to "Green" criteria. Hence, the novelty of the paper is concentrating on this question: what are the most important criteria for "Green" evaluation and selection of the suppliers in the "Cosmetics" industry. Due to the inherent uncertainty in subjective opinions of the industry experts, the Fuzzy Extent Analysis and Delphi methods were applied. Finally, this study aims at identifying and prioritizing the supplier selection measurement indicators with environmental concerns under uncertain conditions in the Iranian Cosmetics Industry. The preferences of experts over the attributes were gathered using a pairwise comparison-based questionnaire. The hierarchical clustered representation of the four main attributes; Quality, Risk, on time delivery, environment; and their importance weights were achieved as the result of the study.