Sugarcane Industry in Fiji and its Contributions, Challenges and Solutions: A Survey of Saweni Area in Lautoka

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business and Economics, The University of Fiji


This research highlights the importance of the sugarcane industry in a developing country like Fiji. this study aims to find out the contributions, challenges and possible solutions of reviving the sugarcane industry with regards to the Saweni Area in Lautoka. Sugarcane has been one of the major industries contributing to Fiji's Gross Domestic Product. The Sugar Industry has undergone continuing and significant changes since its inception. The researcher employed a simple survey technique and collected data through the issuance of questionnaires for the Saweni Area in Lautoka. The findings suggest that sugarcane is still important and will continue to be important in the economic development of the Saweni Area in Fiji. Sugarcane is also one of the foreign exchange-earners and contributes significantly to Fiji's GDP and sustaining the livelihoods of many people. Subsidising the sugarcane prices, and creating tax-free farming zones can boost confidence and revive this industry on which thousands of Fijians are dependent upon as their source of income.