Optimization of Technology Mastery as Part of Increasing Employee Performance in the E-Commerce Industry

Document Type : Review Article


Paramadina University


Mastery of technology is needed in the E-Commerce industry. Productivity and performance will be benchmarks in business development. The digital-based E-Commerce industry requires employees who have the competence to use new technologies. The conceptual framework explains that the E-Commerce industry must always improve the technological competence of employees. New technologies are geared towards digitizing businesses and transactions efficiently. Employees must respond quickly to rapidly changing technology changes. The process of solving business problems that are fast, responsive to change, and innovative ideas depend on mastery of technology. Business competition that has high complexity requires accurate data and information. The research process takes a literature study approach to see the implications of mastering technology on employee performance. This approach is carried out comprehensively and strategic recommendations are the results of technology to be part of employee performance. All data requirements depend on the use of technology carried out by employees. Some literature states that mastery of technology plays a role in the quality of employee performance.This study shows the direction of technology mastery on employee performance. Technology optimization will increase the probability of success in achieving business targets.