Consumers’ Impulse Buying Behavior: A structured systematic Literature Review

Document Type : Review Article


Management, College of Business and Economics, Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia


To be successful in business the marketers must have understanding of how consumers behave on every occasion during an implicit or explicit need for a product. The knowledge of consumer behavior involves both the physical, mental and emotional process is helpful and worthwhile for the marketing institutions to recognize how the buyer thinks, feels, and selects products from a given alternatives and how those consumers are influenced by different factors. The consumers can purchase products either through planning or impulsively on the spot decisions. Therefore, this study aimed to identify the factors that determine consumers impulse buying behavior. To achieve the stated objectives the study has employed structured systematic literature review by identifying and obtaining the per-reviewed article published since 2011 from google scholar, ResearchGate, science direct, winey online, Taylor & Francis and emerald database. From totally extracted 176 articles, 29 articles were satisfied the inclusion criteria and further reviewed for this article analysis purpose. The outcome of this study has shown that store environment related factors, demographic factors, personality traits and situational factors are influencing consumer impulse buying behavior.