Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Accounting and Finance, Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey

2 Department of Accounting and Finance, Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, Turkey


This study examines accounting ethics' impact on financial report quality and decision-making Kabul based logistic corporations in Afghanistan. Accounting ethics is such an important aspect of the field since accounting ethics is a matter of rules and values. Accounting ethics is mainly an area of applied ethics and is part of corporate ethics and human ethics, financial reporting consistency is a mindset, not a collection of particular activities. For making a decision, a good manager needs to be practical but confident when executing it. Unfortunately, some know-how, at the right moment, to switch from realism to optimism. There for the study examines the effect of accounting ethics on financial report quality and decision making. Totally 30 valid questionnaires, which were collected through Google Form, were analyzed by SPSS 24. To examine the suggested hypotheses, correlation analysis, and linear regression analysis were employed. For examining the reliability of adopted scales, Cronbach's Alpha was used. The study results demonstrated that accounting ethics significantly positively impact financial report quality and decision-making in Kabul-based logistic corporations. This study's findings fill the gap in Afghanistan's accounting literature by empirically investigating accounting ethics' impact on financial report quality and decision-making Kabul based logistic corporations.


Main Subjects

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