Document Type : Conceptual Paper


University of the West of Scotland, Ampang, Malaysia


This research paper debates about the direct impact of consumer buying decision in relation to the Malaysian sports shoe market. To create outstanding marketing plans to entice the market, it is utmost important for the marketers to understand the consumer buying decision pattern. Therefore, to address this issue, this research will study the main factors that influences the consumer buying decision on sports shoes available in Malaysia and the extend of impact for each factor. The four buying factors identified in this research are income expectations, cost-effectiveness, innovation and creativity and lastly cultural and personal factor. Asides, this paper also addresses the theories on rational behavior which outline the five-step process of consumers purchase and impulsive behavior which primarily motivated by external stimuli. This paper has concluded that the understanding of consumer buying decision not only helps marketers to create and shape effective marketing strategies but also keep the Malaysian sports shoes market competitive in the long run.


Main Subjects

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