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Center of Southern New Hampshire University Program, Help College of Art and Technology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


As the world evolved, people were not only able to grow and produce more crops but they have also found the ability to mass produce. With the ability to mass produce, people start to trade with traders that come from all over the world. All those exchange and trading activities are done through physical appearance of two or more people. In the 21st century, most businesses are beginning to be transacted online. Buyers no longer need to go out from the house and go through all the hassle just to buy certain products. Xiaomi took advantage of the changes of world of internet and succeeded. As Xiaomi grew bigger, other phone manufacturers saw the opportunity to be as successful as Xiaomi. This paper looks into the current phone purchase behavior of the consumers and how the behavior is able to create opportunity to the other phone manufacturers to copy Xiaomi’s success.


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