Document Type : Original Research


1 Graduate of M.A. Degree Program in Criminal Law and Criminology, Islamic Azad University, Chalous Branch, Chalous, Iran

2 Student of Doctorate Program in International Law, Islamic Azad University, International Branch, Iran


The subject of “participatory” and “observing” societies in the area of politics and society throughout the world is associated with the topic of “people participation in determining destiny” and “monitoring the performance of government and states” and this has been studied since many years ago from the perspectives of sociologists and lawyers in their specialized aspects.  The significant issue prior to the study and dealing with the subject of people supervision over the performance of governments is that to the extent that the circulation of information is done freely, and also to the extent that the volume of information transferred among the people (either through websites, news agencies and governmental media or through social networks) is greater, to the same extent (not only the promotion of people’s information rate towards issues around them in the society and quality of their perception of the incidents will be deeper but also the sense of peoples’ participation and responsibility acceptance vis-à-vis society and other citizens and hope in determination of their destiny will increase. So, in this article, efforts have been made to provide a clear elaboration of the subject of “people participation” and its connection with the “supervision over the performance of governments and rulers” and the necessity of this supervision from the viewpoint of Islam and scientific theories.


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