Document Type : Conceptual Paper


Master of Science, Maritime Transportation, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


One of the greatest technological changes and developments in international transportation is the foundation and prevalence of containers in this area. Nowadays, operators of transportation and trade use containers because of their high strength, the ability to store them on top of each other on the ship, its water proof material, no need for a covered storage room, the fact that it can easily and quickly be loaded onto a ship, truck, or train, fast transportation,  minimum cargo damage during cargo operation & transportation, its security against thieves, they are reusable, packages can be sorted like trays, and they can be used on refrigerated ships since each container has a set of goods with a packing list and the accumulation of these goods in one large package decreases the number of packing lists and at the same time decreases the number of customs documents. Considering this topic, the dangers related to the ship’s stability while loading and discharging containers in ports will be reviewed and solutions will be brought up. The results of this study can help port and ship workers decrease these dangers while loading and discharging containers in ports.


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