Document Type : Case Study


1 Assistant Professor, Management Sciences, Lahore leads University, Lahore, Pakistan

2 MS Scholar, Management Sciences, Lahore leads University, Lahore, Pakistan


Advertising is a basic Marketing device and compelling correspondence medium. The fundamental goal of any advertisement is to empower the sales Promotion, straightforwardly or by implication by attempting to make grand claims about item execution. The question is, has any organization endeavored to survey the effect of its advertising on sales? The reason for this study was to inspect the effect of advertising on sales. The study was explorative in nature and likewise attempted to make a quantitative evaluation of Advertising on sales performance of Bata shoes and Service shoes industry. The principle examination instrument utilized as a part of this study was Questionnaire. The people from different departments like Bankers, Doctors, Businessmen, Households and Students help us in collection of data and co-operate with us. I use different statistical tools for finalizing the information. The result are described here are based upon different statistical test. Toward the end of the study, it was understood that albeit the majority of the organizations bore witness to the way that advertising is powerful in boosting sales the greater part of the organizations did not have a year by year figures of promoting expense and sales expenditure for a quantitative evaluation of the genuine increment in deals for every comparing increment in advertising expenditure.


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