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Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Swaziland Luyengo-Campus, P.O. Box M205 Luyengo, Swaziland


Over 70% of rural population in South Africa survives on subsistence small-scale farming as source of food and household incomes. However, due to lack of Agro-market facilities in rural South Africa,  small-scale farmers can hardly compete favourably to benefit from the nation agricultural market, leaving almost 85% share of agricultural-market to the well-off large commercial farmers. These imbalances in South Africa’s agricultural markets are manifested in its dualistic economy, the “first-world economy” and the “second-impoverished economies”, respectively. Recent policies have been focused more on increased agro-productivity with less emphasis on markets for the rural-poor subsistence small-scale farmers. This review used case-study elsewhere especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where surveys have shown tremendous positive results to supported the argument. Therefore, this review suggest “Markets Work for Rural-Poor in South Africa: Developing Roadside Markets for Smallholder Farmers” to improve on their shares and benefit more from the rich national agricultural market. 


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