Document Type : Original Research


Faculty of Humanities, Payame Noor University of Fars, Shiraz, Iran


Cooperatives as an organization are a system for moving and coordinating various efforts between members to gain common targets. Accordingly, planning and developing mechanisms for member's participation is among the subjects studying which can help to improve the role and position of cooperatives and its members’ benefits. Considering this necessity, the aim of this research is to investigate the factors affecting members’ participation in the cooperatives of the city of Bushehr and providing solutions in this case. The method of this research is the survey. The analysis of the results has been done in two levels: descriptive and inferential. The results of the research showed that inter-organizational factors including financial performance and managers’ ability, and also extra-organizational factors such as members’ inclination to do group work, social confidence, foresight, the government’s support and the laws and regulations have been effective in the rate of members’ participation in the cooperatives in the city of Bushehr. Furthermore, if these factors are improved, the rate of the members’ participation will also increase.


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