Document Type : Conceptual Paper


1 Islamic Azad University of Shiraz Branch, Shiraz, Iran

2 Management and Economy Faculty, Islamic Azad University of Shiraz Branch, Shiraz, Iran


In recent years, the term Resistance economy is raised by the great Leader of Iran and then it is turned into the common concept of political economy issues. Various theorists presented their views by various approaches; some people investigated by economy literature, others by Islamic economy and evaluated the role of culture and politics in formation of resistive economy. Regarding Resistance economy, at first we should have a true understanding of national economy and global economy and the pressure of the global dominancy system on Iran. After defining the concept of resistance economy, the present study evaluated its importance and goals and then the pathology of Iran economy and barriers and requirements of resistance economy fulfillment and the solutions of eliminating the barriers based on resistive economy were considered. Finally, some solutions are presented to develop resistance economy.


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