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Determinants of Agency Costs: Evidence from Non-Bank Financial Institutions of Bangladesh

Raihan Sobhan; Muntaqim Chowdhury

Volume 9, Issue 2 , February 2022, , Pages 68-84


  The main purpose of the research is to determine the factors that influence agency costs in listed non-bank financial institutions of Bangladesh. The following eight factors have been considered in this study: board size, percentage of independent directors, and percentage of female directors under board ...  Read More

Effect of Ownership Structure on Working Capital Management of Listed Downstream Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

Moses Babatunde Olanisebe; Rabiu ADO

Volume 6, Issue 11 , November 2019, , Pages 831-843

  This paper examines the effect of ownership structure on working capital management of listed Downstream Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria. The study uses panel data for eight (8) companies for the period 13 years (2005 – 2017). There are several aspects and dimensions of ownership structure, which ...  Read More

Role of Institutional Ownership Mechanism under the Effect of Price-to-Earnings Ratio on the Performance and Efficiency of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Tayyebeh Zarei

Volume 5, Issue 7 , July 2018, , Pages 566-618

  In capital markets, corporate governance mechanisms are used as valuation criteria in dynamic markets to assess corporate value. The mechanisms concentrating on ownership structures, regulatory processes, and auditing try to improve corporate performance and to create value for stakeholders. The present ...  Read More

The Relationship between Managers’ Overconfidence and Financing Decisions with Special Focus on Ownership Structure

Soosan Salehi; Mohammad Reza Abdoli; Mehdi Eskandari

Volume 4, Issue 8 , August 2017, , Pages 857-879

  Overconfidence is one of the critical concepts of modern behavioral finance highly interested in financial theories and psychology. The main objective of the present research is to study the relationship between managers’ overconfidence and financing decisions (capital structure) concentrated on ...  Read More

Does Ownership Structure Impact on Capital Structure?

Farrukh Shahzad; Muhammad Rizwan Nazir; Waqas Amin

Volume 4, Issue 6 , June 2017, , Pages 629-639

  Taking the 2011-2015 public listed financial and non-financial firms in Pakistan as the sample of the study, this paper scrutinizes the sway of ownership structure on capital structure. The multivariate regression analysis technique is used because the dependent variable is influenced by the more than ...  Read More

Investigating the Relationship between Ownership Structure and Debt Cost with an Emphasis on the Role of Financial Crisis

Mohammad Reza Karimi; Mohammad Reza Abdoli; Mehdi Eskandari

Volume 4, Issue 3 , March 2017, , Pages 252-269

  Capital structure discusses the composition of company financing sources including short-term debts, bonds, long-term debt, preferred stock, and common stock. Some firms define no predetermined plan for capital structure; rather, the capital structure is determined respecting to financial decisions taken ...  Read More

Investigating the Relationship between Corporate Governance Characteristics and Financing Decisions

Zeinab Azami

Volume 3, Issue 11 , November 2016, , Pages 650-663

  This paper investigates the relationship between the components of corporate governance structure including board characteristics, ownership structure, and financial leverage in the companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange. The aim to this study is to examine the impact of board size, percent of non-executive ...  Read More

Evaluating the Effects of Ownership Structure and Cash Holding on Accepted Companies Value in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mousa Yousefi; Ali Asghar Farajzadeh; Alireza Nasirpour

Volume 2, Issue 10 , October 2015, , Pages 1218-1229

  The current research is studying the role of ownership structure and cash holding on the accepted companies' value in Tehran Stock Exchange. The sample of the research includes 62 corporations within 2008 to 2013.The ownership structure can direct the corporate toward better performance and increasing ...  Read More