Consumers’ Impulse Buying Behavior: Structured Systematic Literature Review

Melaku Alemu; Shimels Zewdie

Volume 8, Issue 10 , October 2021, , Pages 756-781

  To be successful in business the marketers must have understanding of how consumers behave on every occasion during an implicit or explicit need for a product. The knowledge of consumer behavior involves both the physical, mental and emotional process is helpful and worthwhile for the marketing institutions ...  Read More

An Investigation into Individual and Situational Factors Effective in the Level of Impulse Buying Behavior of Customers

Soran Mowlaie; Sina Aminosharieh

Volume 4, Issue 9 , September 2017, , Pages 909-916

  Impulse buying is a highly important aspect of customer behavior. It emerges as a dominant phenomenon in customer behavior, and is a vital concept in the market. The aim of the present study was to examine the factors that affect impulse buying in cosmetics market. Regarding its aim, the present investigation ...  Read More

The Effect of Situational Factors on Impulse Buying and Compulsive Buying: Clothing

Maryam Sarikhani Khorrami; Mohammad Rahim Esfidani; Sajad Delavari

Volume 2, Issue 8 , August 2015, , Pages 823-837

  The aim of this study is to identify the effect of situational factors on impulse buying and compulsive buying. For achieving the goal, through a review of past studies, factors that were involved in this issue, were identified. Time pressure, available money, variety of selection, store environment, ...  Read More