Does the Determinant of Technology Affect the Indonesian Government Accountability?

Wiwin Juliyanti; Jaka Winarna

Volume 8, Issue 6 , June 2021, , Pages 447-467

  This quantitative descriptive study aims to analyze the relationship between Information and Communication Technology (ICT) factors that have been adopted by local governments in Indonesia on the Public Accountability (Y). Using a purposive sampling technique, panel data were obtained as many as 450 ...  Read More

The Determinants of Green ICT Adoption in Foreign Multinational Organizations in Malaysia

Ismail Nizam; Malar Vilhi

Volume 5, Issue 4 , April 2018, , Pages 214-243

  In the wake of increased need for business processes that promote environmental sustainability, many organizations have adopted Green ICT as way to promote environmentally friendly agenda. However, there is scanty information on Green ICT adoption in Malaysia especially by multinationals. More specifically, ...  Read More

The Identification and Ranking of Effective Indicators in Assessing Organization Readiness to Accept Social CRM Using FANP

Sajjad Shokohyar; Ruhollah Tavallaee; Khadijeh Keramatnia

Volume 4, Issue 7 , July 2017, , Pages 720-744

  For today's organizations, customers have become important resources and communications with them have been considered as valuable assets and investments. Therefore, the effective management of customer relationship has become a preferred task and an approach for managing in many organizations. The dilemma, ...  Read More

The Effect of Information Technology (IT) on Organizational Structure in Governmental Banks of Iran

Hossein Rahmanseresht; Omar Mahmoudi; Bakhtiar Ghaderi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , April 2016, , Pages 246-260

  The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between information technology and organizational structure in governmental banks of Iran. This study was a correlative survey. Data were collected using two questionnaires. The standard questionnaire of information technology belonged to Zegardy ...  Read More

Identifying Effective Indicators in the Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Accepting Social CRM

Sajjad Shokohyar; Ruhollah Tavallaee; Khadijeh Keramatnia

Volume 3, Issue 2 , February 2016, , Pages 85-104

  The main objective of this study is to provide a model for assessing organizational readiness for accepting social customer relationship management (SCRM). The dilemma, the organizations are faced with is that they go ahead directly toward the preparation and implementation of new technologies, especially ...  Read More

Effect of Insurance Agents’ Entrepreneurial Characteristics on Development of Life Insurances: Case Study of Iran Insurance Company Agents in Khorasan Razavi

Mahsa Navidbakhsh; Ahmad Nategh Golestan

Volume 2, Issue 3 , March 2015, , Pages 210-218

  This research studies the effect of entrepreneurial characteristics on life insurance development. This is an applied, descriptive survey. Field data were gathered through a questionnaire for which its validity and reliability were verified. The participants included 860 individuals according to Cochran’s ...  Read More