Emotional Intelligence, Risk Aversion, Locus of Control and Risky Investment Intentions

Saeed Pakdelan; Alireza Azarberahman; Fateme Vahidimehr; Sara Akbari

Volume 9, Issue 5 , May 2022, , Pages 268-285

  The present study seeks to identify the three factors of emotional intelligence, risk aversion and locus of control over risky investment intentions, with the aim of assisting investors in making decisions that are more rational and examining the role of literacy and possible advice to investors to promote ...  Read More

Does Risk Disclosure Affect Firm's Cost of Capital?

Saeed Pakdelan; Alireza Azarberahman; Sara Akbari; Jalal Azarberahman

Volume 8, Issue 11 , November 2021, , Pages 816-837

  Risk disclosure refers to providing information to the user to inform of any opportunities or threats .Theoretically, disclosure mainly aims to reduce the information asymmetry as well as investor uncertainty, thereby indirectly lowering the equity cost. An advantage of risk disclosure is its effectiveness ...  Read More