Analysis on the Export Growth of Chinese Aquatic Products in Japanese Market

Ye Deng; Yuetao Yao; Zilan Song

Volume 7, Issue 8 , August 2020, , Pages 460-466

  China is an important aquatic product import and export country. Since China joined WTO in 2001, the import and export volume of China has been increasing continuously, and the fishery economy has achieved rapid development. Based on the United Nations trade statistics data, this paper uses CMS model ...  Read More

Analysis on the Impact of Trade Barriers on China’s Export Trade in Forestry Products

Ye Deng; Zhifeng Yu

Volume 7, Issue 8 , August 2020, , Pages 467-481

  In the light of continued progress on global trade liberalization, the increasingly serious trade barriers have gradually become obstacles to the free trade of forest products. This paper reviews the authoritative literature, the key forms, features of trade barriers and their effects on China’s ...  Read More