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1 Impact of Natural Born Leader Qualities on the Project Team Performance: The Influences of Demographics (Gender and Age)

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2 Role of Advertising on Sale’s Performance: a Case Study of Bata & Service Shoes (Okara)

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3 Estimation of Long-run Relationship between Crude Oil and US’ Dollar Value: A Cointegration Analysis

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4 Mapping the Science of Soft Operations Research Based on ISI Subject Areas

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5 The Effect of Situational Factors on Impulse Buying and Compulsive Buying: Clothing

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6 Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Be Used As Contemporary and Effective Skill for an Exceptional Manager in an Organization?

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7 Applying Ratio Analysis Appropriate to the Probiotec Ltd to Measure and Comment upon the Company’s Liquidity

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8 Export New Product Success: The Impact of Market and Technology Orientation

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9 Investigating Relationship between Trade and Income Inequalities

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10 Impact of Relationship, Task and Role Conflict on Teaching Performance in Educational Institutes

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11 Studying the Link between Organizational Learning and Employees’ Empowerment (Case Study: Qom Maskan Bank Selected Braches)

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12 Modeling Business Cycles with Markov Switching Arma (Ms-Arma) Model: An Application on Iranian Business Cycles

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13 Research Note: Fuzzy Supplier Selection by Use of Weighted Indices

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14 Which Modern Trend Advertising Methods Are More Effective in Reaching Certain Outcome?: A Review on Internet Ads, Mobile App Ads, Video Ads, Stealth Ads and Outdoor Digital Ads

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15 The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth

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16 How Could Xiaomi Success in Online Phone Purchase Persuasion Influence other Phone Manufacturer?

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17 The Relationship between Activity Based Costing, Perceived Environmental Uncertainty and Global Performance

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18 Investigation of Nepotism in Public Sector Organizations in Iran and its Impact on Employee’s Performance

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19 Strategic Analysis of Business Portfolios: Case Study of Chabahar Fishery Cluster

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20 The Implementation of Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and Its Impact on Employees Behavior: A Case in Petronas Cari Gali Sdn.Bhd Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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21 Growth of Islamic Banking in Middle East and South Asian Countries

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22 Has Mobile Payment Finally Live Up to Its Expectation in Replacing Cash and Credit?

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23 A Review of Privatization in Iran

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24 The Value Relevance of Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Tunisia Stock Market

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25 Effective Factors of Customer Involvement in the Launching of New Services in Banking Systems

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26 Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Gross Domestic Product in Iran Using the Markov Switching Model

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27 Demographic Determinants of Organizational Commitment of Health Managers in Yazd Province

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28 Resistance Economy, Turning the Sanction to Opportunity

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29 Comparing High-involvement and Low-involvement Products: Brand Perspective

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30 The Role of Insurance in Risk Management and Investment Promotion of Modern Agribusinesses (The Case of Greenhouse Cultivation in Tehran Province)

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31 Spiritual Intelligence: Aspects, Components and Guidelines to Promote It

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32 Reviewing the Relationship between Capital Structure Policies and the Life Cycle of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

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33 Presenting a Framework of Re-engineering Methodology for Organizational Diagnosis and Process Improvement (Case Study: Industrial Estate Company of Kurdistan)

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34 Brand Loyalty in Sportswear in Iran

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35 Free Cash Flow, Capital Structure and the Value of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

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36 A Conceptual Model for VMI in Reverse Supply Chains

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37 Examining the Relationship between Marketing Capability and Innovation

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38 Cost Control and Its Impact on the Survival of Nigeria Firms: A Case Study of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc.

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39 Mediating Role of Teachers Self-Efficacy in the Relationship between Primary Teachers Emotional Intelligence and Job Burnout in Babol City

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40 The Effect of Implementing Core Banking Services on Profitability: Case Study of All Branches of a Private Bank in Mashhad

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41 The Study of Dangers Related to the Ship’s Stability During Container Loading and Discharging in Ports and its Solutions

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42 Measuring Employees Value: A Critical Study on Human Resources Accounting in India

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43 The Influence of Knowledge Management Factors on Food Exports in Iran

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44 Factors Affecting Raw Material Write Off: A Case Study of the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry

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45 Verification of Legal Entities' Overpaid Claims in Value Added Tax System in Iran

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46 An Assessment of Readiness Factors for Implementing ERP Based on Agility (Extension of Mckinsey 7s Model)

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47 Investigating the Impact of Inflation Frequency Path on the Structure of Labor Market Demand in Iran

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48 A Survey of the Causality Relation between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Iran

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49 Conceptualization of the Factors Affecting the Quality of Mobile Health Services of Active SMEs in Healthcare System

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50 Factors Affecting Organizational Misbehavior and its Relationship with Job Burnout: Case Study on Kurdistan Agriculture Organization in Iran

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51 Performance Measurement Systems

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52 Line Search and Genetic Approaches for Solving Linear Tri-level Programming Problem

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53 The Role of Islamic State in Determination of the Bank Deposit and Loan Interest Rates

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54 The Influence of the Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility on Trust toward the Brand

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55 Forecasting the Effect of Renewable Energy Consumption on Economic Welfare: Using Artificial Neural Networks

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56 Official Development Assistance and Economic Growth in Iran

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57 Effect of Insurance Agents’ Entrepreneurial Characteristics on Development of Life Insurances: Case Study of Iran Insurance Company Agents in Khorasan Razavi

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58 The Role of Free Zones in the Development of Tourism: Case Study of Kish Island

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59 Effects of Negotiations about the Formation of Construction Consortium on Consortium Successful Performance in Iran’s Construction Industry

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60 Capital Structure and Firms Performance in Tehran Stock Exchange

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61 Electronic Customer Relationship Management: Opportunities and Challenges of Digital World

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62 Technology Adoption Propensity of the Banking Customers in India: An Insight

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63 Cooperation Networks and Innovation Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

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64 Daily Uganda Shilling/United States Dollar Exchange Rates Modeling by Box-Jenkins Techniques

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65 The Effect of Marketing of Bank Services on Customers’ Preference of Private Banks: Case Study of Mellat and Tejarat Banks in Khorasan Razavi Province

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66 Knowledge Sharing Patterns among Undergraduate Students in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Johor, Malaysia

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67 The Relationships of Reputation, Advertisement Attractiveness, Community Effect with Customer Value and Positive Words of Mouth of Bear Brand Milk Consumers in Malang

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68 Emotion and Sponsorship: Case of Television Sponsorship

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69 Evaluating the Factors Affecting SMEs Performance in Iran

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70 The Review of Mokbang (Broadcast Eating) Phenomena and Its Relations with South Korean Culture and Society

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71 The Reasons of Considering Ethics in Accounting Job

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72 Effects of Exports and Investment on the Economic Growth in Syria

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73 The Effect of Change in Auditor’s Opinion on Timely Disclosure of Financial Information

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74 The Study of Vehicle Safety Aspects Influencing Malaysian Urban Consumer Car Purchasing Behaviour

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75 A New Model for the Calculation of Customer Life-time Value in Iranian Telecommunication Companies

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76 The Neuroscience of Effective Leadership; Cultivation of a Healthy Corporate Culture through Neurochemicals

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77 Globalization of Retailing and Related Cross Cultural Issues

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78 Proposition of a Typology of Tunisian Consumers Based on their Ecologically Conscious Behavior

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79 Identification of Service Innovation Dimensions in Service Organizations

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80 The General Review of How Different Leadership Styles Cause the Transformational Change Efforts to Be Successful

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81 The Review of Content Marketing as a New Trend in Marketing Practices

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82 People Supervision on Sovereignty from the Perspective of Islam and Iranian Laws

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83 Performance Evaluation of Aircraft Maintenance Department Using Integration Fuzzy AHP and BSC Approach in Iran

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84 A Multi-dimensional Model of Acceptance of Mobile Banking

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85 Important Objectives and Important Considerations in Objective Setting for Sport Sponsorship by Indian Companies

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86 The Relationship of Personality Traits and Demographic Characteristics with the Performance of Samsung Mobile Phones Brand

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87 The Comparison between NGO Marketing and Conventional Marketing Practices from SWOT Analysis, Marketing Mix, and Performance Evaluation Perspectives

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88 The Alarming Trend of Sexual Harassment Occurrences in the Workplace and What Can Be Done

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89 Comparing Relationship between Quality of Earning and Stock Return of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

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90 Determinants of Off-farm Activity Participation among Cotton Farmers in Punjab, Pakistan

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91 A Framework for Accessing Funds through Charitable Assignment of Property

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92 Investigating the Effect of Capital Structure and Growth Opportunities on Earnings Management

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93 The Impact of IT-based Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intention

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94 Effect of Relationship Marketing on Word of Mouth in Life Insurance with the Approach of Trust and Commitment: Case Study of Karafarin Insurance Agents in Mashhad

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95 Key Elements of Thinking Strategically

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96 Earnings Management Behavior: A Study on the Cement Industry of Bangladesh

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97 Modeling Laying Time of Gerber Machines in Cutting Department: A Study on Sri Lankan Apparel Industry

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98 Corporate Social Responsibility, Challenges, Prospects and Its Impact on Infrastructural Developments in West African Economies

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99 Integrating Technology Acceptance Model and Motivational Model towards Intention to Adopt Accounting Information System

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100 An Entrepreneur’s Personal Value Perspective in Managing Product Harm Crises

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101 A Model for Evaluating the Impacts of Qualitative Characteristics on the Usefulness of Financial Reporting

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102 Impact of Government Size on Employment in Iran

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103 Investigating Capital Mobility and Saving- Investment Relationship: Case Study of MENA Countries

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104 A Review on the Current Profile and Challenges of the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry

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105 The Role of Microfinance in Poverty Reduction: Evidence from South Asia

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106 Evaluation of Web Users’ Attitude toward the Brand Online: The Case of an Online Event

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107 The Relationship between Institutional Ownership with the Current Financial Performance of the Firms Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange

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108 The Economic Significance of Agriculture for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

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109 Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth: An Experience from Nigeria

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110 Investigating Externalities of Knowledge Spillover among Selected European Countries

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111 Cloudy Spine Meta-System Proposed Model in Small Businesses Process Management

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112 Investigating the Relationship between Organizational Structure Factors and Personnel Performance

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113 The Review of Physical Store Factors That Influence Impulsive Buying Behavior

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114 Investigation of Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Auditing Fees in listed firms of Tehran Stock Exchange

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115 The Review of Shared Value in Contemporary CSR Run by Two Successful Companies to Sustain the Business in Recent Years

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116 Factors Affecting Export Performance in Sri Lanka: with Especial Reference to Value-Added Rubber Products Industry

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117 Consumer Behavior Influence on Adoption of Electronic Commerce in Retail Stores

(Downloads: 684 Times & Hits: 828 Times)
118 Employee Perception of the Effectiveness of the Warehouses: With Especial Reference to the Telecommunication Infrastructure Development Field, Sri Lanka

(Downloads: 682 Times & Hits: 937 Times)
119 Mobility – The Revolutionary Change to Customer’s Shopping Experience in Retailing

(Downloads: 682 Times & Hits: 735 Times)
120 Assessing the Evaluation Models of Business Intelligence Maturity and Presenting an Optimized Model

(Downloads: 679 Times & Hits: 738 Times)
121 The Impact of E-Government on Organizational Agility: Case Study of Governmental Banks in Iran

(Downloads: 679 Times & Hits: 607 Times)
122 Extended Value Added Intellectual Coefficient in Manufacturing Companies: Technology Based Companies

(Downloads: 672 Times & Hits: 888 Times)
123 Analyzing the Factors Affecting E-Commerce in Turkey

(Downloads: 669 Times & Hits: 625 Times)
124 Effect of Product Harm Crises on Facets of Consumer Based Brand Equity: Asian Emerging Markets’ Perspective

(Downloads: 668 Times & Hits: 587 Times)
125 Determination of the Impact of Spokesperson on Advertising Effectiveness

(Downloads: 660 Times & Hits: 806 Times)
126 Effect of Mobile Marketing on Customer-oriented Brand Equity in Insurance Industry

(Downloads: 659 Times & Hits: 579 Times)
127 Managing Organizational Change and Resistance from an Individualist vs. Collectivist Perspective

(Downloads: 654 Times & Hits: 786 Times)
128 Performance Appraisal of Iranian Municipalities by DEA Method

(Downloads: 648 Times & Hits: 793 Times)
129 Stock Companies as an Important Source of Influence to Increase Investment in Economic Projects: Case Study of Mofid Brokerage Firm

(Downloads: 646 Times & Hits: 851 Times)
130 Opportunities and Challenges in the World of Retailing and the Importance of Adaption to the New Markets

(Downloads: 644 Times & Hits: 755 Times)
131 Growth Thresholds and Environmental Degradation in Sub-Saharan African Countries: An Exploration of Kuznets Hypothesis

(Downloads: 639 Times & Hits: 790 Times)
132 Conceptual Development of Accounting: A Historical Perspective

(Downloads: 638 Times & Hits: 590 Times)
133 Effect of Advertising on Public Awareness in life Insurances: a Case Study of Dana Insurance Company in Mashhad

(Downloads: 637 Times & Hits: 639 Times)
134 Ownership Concentration, Cash Holding and Firm Value

(Downloads: 634 Times & Hits: 795 Times)
135 Interdependence Analysis on Government Income and Government Expenditure in Indonesia

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136 Assessment of the Students' Attitude toward Business with Regard to Higher Education Curriculum: Case Study of Esfarayen University

(Downloads: 627 Times & Hits: 807 Times)
137 Agency Adaptation with Islamic Contracts in Iran Banking System in Order to Fulfill the Country’s Financing Goals

(Downloads: 615 Times & Hits: 815 Times)
138 The General Review of Dualities Theory in Managing Organizational Change

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139 Evaluating the Effects of Ownership Structure and Cash Holding on Accepted Companies Value in Tehran Stock Exchange

(Downloads: 607 Times & Hits: 611 Times)
140 The Effect of Financial Development on Income Inequality in the Iran’s Economy Using Non-linear Cointegration Technique

(Downloads: 604 Times & Hits: 628 Times)
141 Antecedents of Positive Word of Mouth and its Effects on Attitude toward Product

(Downloads: 599 Times & Hits: 814 Times)
142 An Empirical Study of Consumers Cognizance towards Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector

(Downloads: 595 Times & Hits: 607 Times)
143 The Relationship between Negotiation Skills of Managers and Organizational Health

(Downloads: 595 Times & Hits: 592 Times)
144 Can Franchisors Balance Adaptation and Standardization? Toward Theorizing Ambidexterity in Franchisors

(Downloads: 594 Times & Hits: 699 Times)
145 Clarifying the Role of Cooperation Networks in New Product Development (NPD)

(Downloads: 593 Times & Hits: 621 Times)
146 An Investigation into Decision Styles of Mobile Phone Customers

(Downloads: 592 Times & Hits: 791 Times)
147 Relationship between Capital Structure and Economic Performance Separated by Ownership in Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

(Downloads: 592 Times & Hits: 671 Times)
148 Role of Openness and Taxes on Employment Performance in Iran and Selected Developing Countries

(Downloads: 589 Times & Hits: 595 Times)
149 A Survey of Relationship between Islamic Tolerance of Managers and Organizational Health

(Downloads: 587 Times & Hits: 593 Times)
150 The Effect of Social Transparency on Firm Value and Performance: Evidence from Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

(Downloads: 585 Times & Hits: 625 Times)
151 The Effect of Financial Integration and Housing Price on Economic Fluctuations in D8 Member Countries

(Downloads: 582 Times & Hits: 670 Times)
152 Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) on Factors Affecting Agility of Iranian Auditing Organizations

(Downloads: 575 Times & Hits: 648 Times)
153 The Analysis of the Effect of Tax Tariffs and Trade Flows on Income Gap in Gravity Model for Member Countries in OPEC

(Downloads: 574 Times & Hits: 669 Times)
154 The Effect of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance: Evidence from Iranian Banks Listed in Tehran’s Stock Exchange

(Downloads: 568 Times & Hits: 643 Times)
155 Identification and Ranking the Implementation Barriers of TPM Using Fuzzy AHP: A Case Study of Gas Industry in Iran

(Downloads: 566 Times & Hits: 637 Times)
156 Electronic Word of Mouth on Instagram: Customers’ Engagements with Brands in Different Sectors

(Downloads: 565 Times & Hits: 653 Times)
157 Performance Effects of Market Orientation and the Mediating Role of Innovation of Service Process in Insurance Industry: Case Study of Dana Insurance Company

(Downloads: 555 Times & Hits: 676 Times)
158 Exploring the Relationship between Applying Information Technology and Achieving Organizational Excellence in State Banks

(Downloads: 553 Times & Hits: 653 Times)
159 Women’s Role in Management of Small Enterprises in Malang Municipality

(Downloads: 549 Times & Hits: 630 Times)
160 Investigating the Relationship between Gini Coefficient of Income Strata and Financial Depth in Iran

(Downloads: 547 Times & Hits: 647 Times)
161 Measuring Customers Satisfaction of E-Commerce Sites Using Clustering Techniques: Case Study of Nyazco Website

(Downloads: 546 Times & Hits: 724 Times)
162 Studying the Relationship between Lack of Job Promotion and Career Plateau of Staff: A Case Study in Well Being Office of Kerman

(Downloads: 543 Times & Hits: 671 Times)
163 Effect of Product Cues on the Purchase of Private Labels of Food Products from Organised Retailers in Chandigarh

(Downloads: 541 Times & Hits: 665 Times)
164 The Effect of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Saderat Bank of Iran

(Downloads: 526 Times & Hits: 593 Times)
165 Identifying Effective Indicators in the Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Accepting Social CRM

(Downloads: 524 Times & Hits: 696 Times)
166 The Influence of Consumer Decision-making Styles towards Purchasing Behavior: A Case Study of Online Shopping in Jakarta, Indonesia

(Downloads: 506 Times & Hits: 525 Times)
167 Legal Analysis of Procurement Corruption in Iran Economy

(Downloads: 505 Times & Hits: 658 Times)
168 Employees’ Productivity and Automated Information System in Telecommunication Organization in Iran

(Downloads: 496 Times & Hits: 590 Times)
169 Ranking Knowledge Management Factors in Supply Chain of National Iranian Copper Industries Company Using FAHP Method

(Downloads: 479 Times & Hits: 692 Times)
170 The General Review of the Leader’s Self Enhancement on the Organization

(Downloads: 464 Times & Hits: 685 Times)
171 Nexus Between Domestic Investment, FDI and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from India

(Downloads: 463 Times & Hits: 606 Times)
172 Study of the Effect of Organizational Commitment on Employee Creativity: Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing

(Downloads: 451 Times & Hits: 463 Times)
173 Market Discipline of Commercial Banks: Reality in the US and Viet Nam

(Downloads: 445 Times & Hits: 490 Times)
174 The Effect of Information Technology (IT) on Organizational Structure in Governmental Banks of Iran

(Downloads: 443 Times & Hits: 548 Times)
175 Professional Ethics in Accounting Curriculum at a Vietnamese University

(Downloads: 436 Times & Hits: 506 Times)
176 Capacity and Reaction Functions of Joint-Stock Firms

(Downloads: 435 Times & Hits: 574 Times)
177 Comparative Analysis Paying Taxes Indicator: Evidence from Western Balkans Countries and Turkey

(Downloads: 419 Times & Hits: 536 Times)
178 The Effect of Social Marketing on Customer Satisfaction with Regard to the Moderating Role of Environmental Approach

(Downloads: 406 Times & Hits: 478 Times)
179 Help Seeking Attitudes and Willingness to Seek Psychological Help: Application of the Theory of Planed Behavior

(Downloads: 401 Times & Hits: 511 Times)
180 The Moderating Role of Dividend Policy in Aligning the Accounting and Market based performance Measures with CEO Compensation

(Downloads: 391 Times & Hits: 534 Times)
181 The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction among Teachers

(Downloads: 389 Times & Hits: 376 Times)
182 Lifetime Employment and a Sequential Choice in a Mixed Duopoly Market with a Joint-Stock Firm

(Downloads: 386 Times & Hits: 483 Times)
183 Well-developed Energy Exchange; A Pathway to an Economic Boom

(Downloads: 368 Times & Hits: 528 Times)
184 Investigating the Effects of Corporate Governance System Quality on Company Performance

(Downloads: 358 Times & Hits: 406 Times)
185 Effect of Visual Advertising Complexity on Consumers’ Attention

(Downloads: 356 Times & Hits: 402 Times)
186 Towards a Conceptual Model of Customer Satisfaction for Manufacturing Organizations and Presenting a Three-Phases Approach

(Downloads: 347 Times & Hits: 410 Times)
187 Classification of Bank Customers by Data Mining: a Case Study of Mellat Bank branches in Shiraz

(Downloads: 347 Times & Hits: 400 Times)
188 Study of the Effect of Management Ability on Earnings Quality

(Downloads: 343 Times & Hits: 503 Times)
189 Factors Affecting Members’ Participation in Cooperatives of the City of Bushehr

(Downloads: 333 Times & Hits: 522 Times)
190 Intellectual Capital Efficiency Impact on European Small and Large Listed Banks Financial Performance

(Downloads: 329 Times & Hits: 520 Times)
191 Does the Legal Form of Small and Medium Enterprises Determine their Access to Capital?

(Downloads: 312 Times & Hits: 407 Times)
192 Relationship between Good Organizational Governance and the Performance Improvement of the Employees at Tax Affairs Organization in Ardebil Province

(Downloads: 310 Times & Hits: 449 Times)
193 Markets Work for Rural-Poor: Why a Need to Develop Roadside Farm Markets for Small-Scale Farmers in South Africa?

(Downloads: 307 Times & Hits: 372 Times)
194 The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Employment in Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Selected Countries

(Downloads: 296 Times & Hits: 265 Times)
195 Relationship between E-Government and the Performance Improvement of the Employees at Tax Affairs Organization in Ardebil Province

(Downloads: 287 Times & Hits: 474 Times)
196 Predicting the Effective Factors on Concurrency of Stock Price Considering Corporative Governing Based on Neural Network

(Downloads: 280 Times & Hits: 429 Times)
197 Investigating the Relationship between Corporate Governance Characteristics and Financing Decisions

(Downloads: 276 Times & Hits: 253 Times)
198 A Framework for Supplier Selection Criteria in "LARG" Supply Chain based on a Literature Review

(Downloads: 255 Times & Hits: 374 Times)
199 Effect of Transformational Leadership and Knowledge Management Processes on Organizational Innovation in Ardabil University of Medical Sciences

(Downloads: 239 Times & Hits: 223 Times)
200 Do Political News Affect Financial Market Returns? Evidences from Brazil

(Downloads: 233 Times & Hits: 284 Times)
201 Analysis of the Relationship between Leadership Styles and Affective Organizational Commitment

(Downloads: 228 Times & Hits: 257 Times)
202 The Effect of Unconditional Conservatism, Institutional Ownership and Size of Institute Auditor on Stock Price

(Downloads: 225 Times & Hits: 253 Times)
203 Intervention Analysis of Daily GBP-USD Exchange Rates Occasioned by BREXIT

(Downloads: 223 Times & Hits: 225 Times)
204 The Psychological Mechanism of Stigmatizing Attitudes toward Help Seeking Behavior for Mental Health Problems

(Downloads: 216 Times & Hits: 234 Times)
205 Impact of Human Resource Management Practices (HRM) on Performance of SMEs in Multan, Pakistan

(Downloads: 212 Times & Hits: 239 Times)
206 Identification of Sources of Finance in Growing Companies Operating in Food Industry in Tehran

(Downloads: 212 Times & Hits: 218 Times)
207 The Effectiveness of Sale Methods in Liability Insurance for Physicians and Paramedics: Case Study of Asia Insurance Company in Sabzevar

(Downloads: 211 Times & Hits: 252 Times)
208 Using a Fuzzy AHP-VIKOR and BSC Approach for Evaluating Aircraft Maintenance Unit Performance

(Downloads: 205 Times & Hits: 241 Times)
209 Service Quality about Health Sector of UK and Pakistan: A Comparative Study

(Downloads: 203 Times & Hits: 289 Times)
210 Effect of Regulatory Burden on Black Economy in Selected Countries Group

(Downloads: 202 Times & Hits: 256 Times)
211 Factors Affecting the Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Industry of Pakistan

(Downloads: 199 Times & Hits: 307 Times)
212 Role of Workplace Spirituality: Personality Traits and Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors in Banking Sector

(Downloads: 197 Times & Hits: 197 Times)
213 Organizational Politics, Transformational Leadership and Neglect in Banking Sector

(Downloads: 196 Times & Hits: 234 Times)
214 A Gender-Based Approach: Service Quality and Customer’s Loyalty

(Downloads: 196 Times & Hits: 223 Times)
215 Investigating the Efficiency of Tejarat Bank Information Systems in Presenting Reports to the Managers

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216 Telecommunication Sector and Economic Growth of Nigeria: A Post Deregulation Evaluation

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217 Preferential Treatment: An Empirical Study in Education Sector of Pakistan

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218 The Effect of Insurers’ Ethics on Customer Attraction: A Case Study of Iran Insurance Company Agencies in Mashhad

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219 Academic Entrepreneurial Intentions and the Creation of University Spin-Off Firms: Critical Review

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220 Studying Substitution of Factors and Economies of Scale Using the Composite Cost Function in Fars Cement Factory

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221 Endogenous Timing in a Price-Setting Mixed Duopoly with a Foreign Competitor

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222 Job-Crafting and Organizational Commitment: Person-Job Fit as Moderator in Banking Sector of Pakistan

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223 Does Exchange Rate Uncertainty Effects Exports? A Disaggregated Study of Pakistan Economy

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224 Mobile Technology As a Disruptive Innovation on Shopping Malls Rental Space: Case Study From Kenya

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225 External Marketing, Government Policy and T-Serqual toward Customer Satisfaction in Indonesia Tourism Industry

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226 E-business through Social Media: A Quantitative Survey (Case Study: Instagram)

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227 Exploring Knowledge Strategy Dimensions Using Fuzzy AHP

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228 Does Auditors’ Role Influence their Ethical Environment?: Examining the Mediating Roles of Organizational Fit

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229 Quantity Precommitment and Cournot and Bertrand Models with Complementary Goods

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230 Effective Factors on Job Stress and Its Relationship with Organizational ‎Commitment of Nurses in Hospitals of Nicosia

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231 Financial Stability and Economic Performance in OPEC Countries: An Approach to Co-integration Methods

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232 Examining the Disadvantages of Activity Based Costing (ABC) System and Introducing the Modern (Behavior Based Costing) (BBC) System

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233 Impact of Capital Structure on Firms Performance: A Study on Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Listed Firms in Pakistan

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234 Consumer Perception of Green Issues and Intention to Purchase Green Products

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235 Determinants of Banks Profitability: A Comparative Study of Islamic Verses Non Islamic, Foreign Verses Local, and Public Verses Private Banks in Pakistan

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236 Developing a Model for Identification of the Effect of Knowledge Levels on Supply Chain Performance

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237 Review the Sri Lankan Information and Communication Technology Industry

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238 Influence of Personality Traits and Work Commitment on Job Performance of Public Secondary School Teachers in Oyo South Senatorial District

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239 Investigating the Relationship between Knowledge Management Dimensions and Organizational Performance in Lean Manufacturing

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240 The Effect of Personality on Purchase Decisions Based on New Freud's Theories and Behavioral Theory in Mashhad

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241 Investigating the Relationship between Ownership Structure and Debt Cost with an Emphasis on the Role of Financial Crisis

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242 The Impact of Democracy on Distribution of Income in a Selection of Member Countries of OECD and Member States of the Islamic Conference (2001-2014)

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243 The Relationship between Servant Leadership with Organizational Trust and Employee Empowerment in the Social Security Organization of Ardabil

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244 Talent Management and Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

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