International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 6, No. 6, June 2019 Pages: 427 - 435
The Effect of Stakeholder Connectivity toward Indonesia DMO
Corresponding author:
The creating benefit of the tourism industry if the tourism industry can be creating good management with Management Organization (DMO) and development good relationship with stakeholder connectivity. Aim to the research to evaluation of the effect of stakeholder connectivity toward of Indonesia DMO. This research based on quantitative research to test the research hypothesis and reveal the factors affecting stakeholder connectivity toward Indonesia DMO. The sample size of the research 137 with propulsive sampling and the main instrument is questionnaire. The data analysis to use examine hypothesis with IBM SPSS Software 25 Version. The result of the investigations show that the stakeholder connectivity can be influence toward Indonesia DMO. The indicator of successful DMO if the DMO can be good relationship with stakeholder connectivity therefore to the increase relationship with the: academic, business, hotel & restaurant, tour guide, agriculture, handy craft and tour operator.
Relationship, stakeholder connectivity, collaboration, government, DMO, satisfaction
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