International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 7, July 2018 Pages: 619 - 632
Recognizing & Handling the Underlying Causes of Stress at Workplace: An Approach through Soft Skills
Mitashree Tripathy
Corresponding author:
Studies reveal that around millions of people across the world have become chronic to stress and are suffering from various psychological and physical problems. Some consequences of prolonged stress can even subdue life. Stress can emerge due to various reasons concerned with our everyday life. However, not all stresses are negative and hampering. Stress in a more constructive form can sometimes act as a positive source to trigger passion towards work, reduce dysfunctions, promote talent and abilities and ignite inspirations. Today countless professionals come across stress of various forms surfaced through diverse reasons. High amount of pressure to meet deadlines, work overload, less sleep, the urge to stay ahead of competition are the basic reasons to name a few. The fact that stress can coil both personal and professional life is not untrue. Rather, there is a growing concern for stress today in every aspect of life. The focus of the current study is on soft skills and its approach towards numerous work place problems and their solutions, mainly stress. However, the paper also deals and determines the root causes of its origin. It also emphasizes on the various techniques that determine to overcome stress mainly at workplace hence promoting wellbeing and emotional freedom.
Stress, Management, Soft Skills, Workplace, Impact
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