International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 5, No. 3, March 2018 Pages: 141 - 168
The Determinants of Work-Life Balance in the Event Industry of Malaysia
Ismail Nizam, Chrystinne Kam
Corresponding author:
The aim of this research is to study the determinants of work-life balance (WLB) in the Event Industry of Malaysia. This research intends to discover the impact of these variables (working hours, workload, leave policies, work arrangements and reward schemes) on WLB. This study adapts explanatory research design and primary data is collected through survey questionnaires measured with five (5) point Likert-Scale. A total sample of 303 (n=303) were collected simple random sampling method. This research found that Working Hours (WH), Workload (WL), Work Arrangements (WA) and Reward Schemes (RS) have significant impact on the Work Life Balance among the Event Industry professionals. Leave policies (LP) found to have insignificant impact on work life balance.
Work-life Balance, Working Hours, Workload, Leave Policies, Work Arrangements, Reward Schemes, Event Industry, Malaysia
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