International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 11, November 2017 Pages: 1122 - 1135
The Effect of Authentic Leadership and Organizational Atmosphere on Positive Organizational Behavior
Seyyedeh Masumeh Taheri Otaghsara, Hamed Hamzehzadeh
Corresponding author:
The third millennium management calls for a paradigm shift from negativity to the positivity for optimal use of potentials, statuses, and positive human resource capabilities using positive organizational policies and procedures. Positive psychology movement has led to significant achievements for human resources management and leaders. In practice, it is also revealed that applying positive psychological maxims in work is correlated with increased productivity. The present paper, which is a scientific review, intends to study the positive psychology concept and the effect of authentic leadership and organizational atmosphere through literature review.
Positivism, positive organizational behavior, authentic leadership, organizational atmosphere, positive psychology
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