International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 11, November 2017 Pages: 1106 - 1121
Identifying and Ranking the Effects of Deployment of an Online Document Registration System in Order to Reduce Crimes Using the DEMATEL Method
Mohsen Ghadamyari , Hassan Ahmadi Torshizi , Ghamarnaz Tadayon Tabrizi
Corresponding author:
The aims of this research is to identify and rank the effects of deployment of an online document registration system in order to reduce crimes. The research method is applied in terms of its objectives, it is descriptive-survey in terms of data collection method, and quantitative in terms of data analysis method. The statistical population of this study includes 4 experts in the field of online document registration of notary public offices of Mashhad City in Iran. For doing this survey the effects and consequences of the establishment of an online document registration system are identified by referring to the previous researches and a questionnaire is developed using the Delphi technique. According to the experts’ opinion, the results indicate that the eight factors are identified as factors affecting the establishment of an online document registration system in order to reduce crimes. Also, to assess the rating and importance of each dimension in terms of impact on and being influenced by each other, a questionnaire based on DEMATEL method is distributed among experts. The collected data has been analyzed using the BT DEMATEL SOLVER software. Results show that the most influential factor is reduction of forgery of documents and the factor that has been greatly affected is prevention of speculation.
Document Registration System, Electronic Documents, Reduction of Documentation Crimes
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