International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 9, September 2017 Pages: 909 - 916
An Investigation into Individual and Situational Factors Effective in the Level of Impulse Buying Behavior of Customers
Soran Mowlaie, Sina Aminosharieh
Corresponding author:
Impulse buying is a highly important aspect of customer behavior. It emerges as a dominant phenomenon in customer behavior, and is a vital concept in the market. The aim of the present study was to examine the factors that affect impulse buying in cosmetics market. Regarding its aim, the present investigation was an applied study, and in terms of its method and nature, it was a causal study. Cosmetics customers in Sanandaj were selected as the statistical population. Cochran sampling method was used to determine a study sample of 384 individuals. After 422 questionnaires were distributed, 396 were returned and considered as the basis for final analysis. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed based on the experts’ opinions and confirmatory factor loadings, and the obtained Cronbach’s alpha showed its appropriate reliability. Statistical equations were used as the statistical method, and data analysis was carried out using LISREL statistical software. The results of the present study showed that individual and situational factors affect the customers’ impulse buying. Among individual factors, the aspect of assets and financial wealth, and among situational factors, the aspect of the salesperson’s behavior had the most effect on impulse buying.
Impulse buying, individual factors, situational factors, cosmetics.
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