International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 8, August 2017 Pages: 796 - 810
The Underlying Reasons behind Xerox’s Strategic Management Failures and Possible Remedies that Could Have Been Implemented
Rana Muhammad Ahmar Habib , Rashad Yazdanifard
Corresponding author:
This article is aimed to discuss and analyse Xerox Corporation and its core competencies. The research study will be focusing on the historical background and the era of success and downfall of the organization. In addition, several management models are also applied in this article in order to examine the competitive advantage of the organization and its strategies to sustain in the competitive market. The strategic problems faced by organization and its consequences are discussed in this article and in order to manage those issues and problems, different recommendations are also provided by the research study based on the past cases and secondary data. The paper suggests that Xerox should focus on the stretching of its brand name by diversifying into related fields in order to compete with competitors at multiple levels in the market. It is recommended that the organization should focus on certain departments like marketing as equal as it is focusing on research and development. The research has examined the strategies and major strategic making decision making of the organization in the past and its effect on the current state of the organization. The research study hopes that the discoveries and analysis helps for future studies in the related aspects.
Strategic management, Customer value, Core competency, Strategy making
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