International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 5, May 2017 Pages: 542 - 553
Studying the Effect of Knowledge Sharing on Insurance Services Quality
Usef Ramezani , Ali Asghar Mohammadzadeh Aval
Corresponding author:
Today, the quality of insurance services is the determining factor in the success of a company in a competitive environment. Knowledge sharing will contribute to improving the quality of services in insurance companies. This study examines the impact of knowledge sharing on the quality of insurance services. In terms of the purpose of the study, the method of study is applied and in terms of data collection is descriptive correlation. The population consisted of all employees and corporate clients of group therapy field of Dana insurance company in Mashhad, the sample size is equal to all members of society for all. The measurement tool is a questionnaire, its validity was confirmed, according to experts in the field of management, and reliability is obtained (82.0, 78/0) using Cronbach's alpha coefficient for knowledge sharing and variable quality of insurance services, respectively. The results of structural equation modeling using LISREL software indicates that knowledge sharing does not have significant effect on the quality of insurance services; but aspects of knowledge sharing, including outright transfers, expertise and strategic has positive and significant effect on the quality of insurance services in Dana insurance company in Mashhad.
Knowledge Sharing, Quality, Insurance Services
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