International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 3, March 2017 Pages: 226 - 237
The Effect of Personality on Purchase Decisions Based on New Freud's Theories and Behavioral Theory in Mashhad
Mostafa Rezaei Bahrabad , Sahel Farrokhian
Corresponding author:
This research is conducted to study the effect of personality on purchase decision of domestic and foreign consumers in order to predict the consumer’s purchase decision. This is a survey studied the relationship between variables through statistical tests and structural equations method. Data were collected by the standard questionnaire of ‘measuring the behavior of buyers and consumers’ including 36 items; the questionnaire validity and reliability was verified. Research variables are the standard questionnaire items in two questionnaires and 9 classes of variables. Research statistical population included all buyers visiting Proma Hypermarket and Padide shopping center in Mashhad in 2015. The research used a two-stage cluster sampling method. 280 buyers visiting the shopping centers were systematically and randomly selected as research sample at the given time period. Results of structural equations showed that components of Ethnocentrism, dogmatism, social character, uniqueness, personal innovativeness, compatibility, detachedness, and hegemonism significantly contribute in purchase decision model; while, dogmatism are insignificant.
Personality characteristics, purchase behavior, New Freud's Theories, behavioral theory, structural equations, Mashhad City.‎
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