International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 2, February 2017 Pages: 188 - 199
Developing a Model for Identification of the Effect of Knowledge Levels on Supply Chain Performance
Peyman Taebi, Milad Rezaeefard, Mohammad Rezaeefard
Corresponding author:
Twenty first century is described by knowledge development and its effect on all organizational dimensions. Today, knowledge is considered as the key and sometimes the only source of competitive advantage for organizations; that is why managers and organizations focus on utilizing some methods for knowledge acquisition, storage, and knowledge application in the present dynamic and competitive environment to provide access and quick transfer of knowledge in system using knowledge management. Therefore, the present research intends to present a model for identifying the effect of knowledge level on supply chain performance using modeling structural equations. Research statistical population included all automotive industries in Iran such as component makers, sale representatives, manufacturing units, etc. 350 were randomly selected as research sample and a questionnaire was distributed, 240 of which were returned. Finally, the positive, significant effect of business attitudes, organizational memory and individuals’ knowledge on supply chain performance in Iran automotive industry was maintained; whereas, the positive, significant effect of customer knowledge, beneficiaries’ relationships, knowledge in processes, and knowledge in manufacturing and services was rejected.
Knowledge, supply chain, supply chain performance.‎
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