International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 4, April 2017 Pages: 401 - 430
Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance between Islamic and Conventional Bank in Indonesia
Purwanto , Raeny Tri Juliani
Corresponding author:
The objective of this research is to compare the financial performance between Islamic and conventional bank in Indonesia in the period of 2006 – 2014 by using financial ratios. Financial ratios that are used consist of capital adequacy ratio (CAR), loan to deposit ratio (LDR), non performing loan (NPL), operational efficiency ratio (OER), and return on asset (ROA). The study analyzed five banks listed in Bank Indonesia which were PT Bank Bukopin, PT Bank Mega, PT Bank DBS Indonesia, PT Bank Syariah Mandiri, and PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia. The method used in this research is independent sample t-test, which is used to compare samples from two different populations. This study used secondary data that was collected and obtained from financial publication report quarterly published by representative banks through the official sites of the banks and official site of Bank Indonesia starting from March 2006 to June 2014. The result showed that CAR, LDR, NPL, and OER between Islamic and conventional banks are significantly different, while ROA showed no significant different between Islamic and conventional banks. In terms of CAR and NPL, conventional bank is better than Islamic bank, meanwhile Islamic bank is better than conventional bank in terms of LDR, OER, and ROA.
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