International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 2, February 2017 Pages: 136 - 162
Determinants of Banks Profitability: A Comparative Study of Islamic Verses Non Islamic, Foreign Verses Local, and Public Verses Private Banks in Pakistan
Muhammad Rizwan Nazir, Muhammad Imran Nazir , Yasir Habib , Shujahat Haider Hashmi , Zeeshan fareed
Corresponding author:
This study examines the determinants of banks profitability in Pakistan. The main objectives of the study are to determine the factors that influence banks profitability in Pakistan and to make recommendations for management decision making and policy objectives. A panel data of 25 banks (commercial, Islamic, foreign and local banks) in Pakistan was analyzed over period of 2006-2015, using panel data regression method to estimate common, fixed and random effect regression models. The two key measures of profitability (dependent variables) analyzed in this study comprised of ROA and Return ROE. The bank-specific factors were incorporated into the regression models, were Credit risk, Expenses Management, Deposits to total assets, non-interest income and size. The results for the ROA model indicate that size and deposit to total assets of bank is positively significant to bank profitability while credit risk, expenses management and non interest income are negatively affect the profitability. Moreover the results of ROE model indicates that credit risk and NII are negatively significant and Size is positively significant with banks profitability. This study also indicates the comparison between Islamic verses non Islamic, Foreign verses local, and public verses private banks which shows there different results on banks profitability.
Banks Profitability, Panel Data, Return on Asset, Return on Equity.
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