International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 4, No. 1, Janaury 2017 Pages: 80 - 99
E-business through Social Media: A Quantitative Survey (Case Study: Instagram)
Bahareh Ahmadinejad, Hadi Najafi Asli
Corresponding author:
E-marketing is not only associated with selling products and services. It is the management process for handling communication between the organization and the customer. As well as E-marketing process does not just insist on the use of the internet and take advantage of all the marketing methods. E-marketing has many facilities that traditional marketing does not have such as one to one marketing or direct contact with customers. It should be noted that E-marketing can not completely replace traditional marketing. In fact, traditional marketing and e-marketing complement each other. Social network marketing is a part of E-business. It is clear that social media is a place gathering customers and business owners tend to be in this market. Social media are a huge potential for companies to reach out to their customers and thereby increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity. As expected, our findings suggest that social media innovators among companies to rapidly progress. This study focuses more on statistical results rather than theoretical subjects. In fact, due to the lack of proper knowledge about the social media and growing trend for social media, in this research, we decided to survey behavior of Instagram users towards brands who are active in the social media or how marketing on Instagram work in order to reach customer? For this purpose, an online questionnaire distributed randomly between 80 users of Instagram application. Results were evaluated in two parts, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics inference. The results of inferential statistics indicate that people are looking for brand awareness and are curious about the messages of the brand. The study showed that there is a significant relationship between commenting on posts and brand awareness.
E-business, Social media, E-marketing, Mobile marketing, Social network.
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