International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 11, November 2016 Pages: 735 - 745
The Effect of Insurers’ Ethics on Customer Attraction: A Case Study of Iran Insurance Company Agencies in Mashhad
Abdorreza Asadi , Samira Ghanbari Sani
Corresponding author:
According to the significance of ethics in different organizations and communities and regarding the necessity of considering this issue in insurance industry, this research is conducted to study the effect of insurer’s ethics on customer attraction by insurance companies. Moral values including honesty, fairness, respect and honor, accountability, and reliability components are individually investigated in this study to show the effect of these variables on customer attraction by insurance companies. This is an applied research in term of purpose and a descriptive-survey, field study in term of nature. Research population included all customers of Iran insurance company agencies in Mashhad City. 384 individuals were randomly selected through simple random sampling method as research sample. Further, data were collected through a questionnaire; the questionnaire reliability was estimated using Cronbach test. Research hypotheses were tested by using structural equations method. The results of hypotheses’ analysis indicated that all five ethical codes including honesty, fairness, respect and honor, accountability and reliability influence customer attraction in Iran insurance company. Overall, according to research results, it is inferred that insurer’s ethics may influence customer attraction by insurance companies.
Ethics, moral behavior, insurer, customer attraction, Iran insurance company.
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