International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 12, December 2016 Pages: 837 - 851
Job-Crafting and Organizational Commitment: Person-Job Fit as Moderator in Banking Sector of Pakistan
Qaisar Iqbal
Corresponding author:
There is intense pressure over organizations to survive in the ever-changing world of competition. Human resource is a prime factor that has no alternative and substitute. Success of any organization is highly dependent upon quality of human resource. This study investigates inter play of job crafting , organizational commitment and moderating role of person-job fit in banking sector of Pakistan..200 questionnaires were floated at email addresses of employees working at branch level of bank. Response rate in this study is 84%.Regression analyses and Andrew Hayes Technique of moderation has been used to perform data analysis. There is significant impact of job crafting over organizational commitment of employees. Person-Job Fit is playing its role as moderator with job crafting and organizational is of high significance that with increasing value of person-job fit, its moderating impact decreases.
Job Crafting, Person-Job Fit, Organizational Commitment, Banking.
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