International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics
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Volume 3, No. 3, March 2016 Pages: 182 - 201
Effect of Mobile Marketing on Customer-oriented Brand Equity in Insurance Industry
Mahin Rashki Ghaleno, Mehdi Rabbi Zavareh , Elham Bahrami
Corresponding author:
According to privatization of insurance companies and regarding the competitive climate over insurance industry in next years, undoubtedly there are some effective factors to obtain a proper place in customers’ mind such that they remain loyal to the insurance company. One of these is ‘brand equity’. The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of mobile marketing on creating and enhancing brand equity dimensions. Brand equity is a multidimensional notion that may be increased by enhanced dimensions. In this regard, mobile marketing and customer-oriented brand equity are defined according to Aaker model. This is a descriptive field study as it states research title and deals with it through descriptive data; in addition, the relationship between mobile marketing and brand equity dimensions are investigated using a researcher made 24-item questionnaire. The questionnaire’s reliability (74%) was determined by Cronbach alpha coefficient. Research statistical population was clients of insurance industry. Since the population was infinite, research sample included 384 individuals measured by Cochran formula. Collected data were analyzed using analytical statistics. The significance relationship between research variables was tested by Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis through SPSS software. Results indicate that mobile marketing is one of effective factors influencing awareness, association and perceived quality. Moreover, mobile customer relationship management (CRM) causes increased customer loyalty and provides the opportunity for the return of. As a result, insurers, in order to increase the value of brand equity, must invest on mobile marketing.
Mobile marketing, brand equity, brand loyalty, brand association.
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